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Goal: 40,000 km

1 November 2018 to 30 November 2018


697 kms

Total distance completed



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Top Players

Name City Km Steps
1 Gwen Demarco Halifax 153.92 205,175
2 Pepper Potts Austin 129.60 172,757
3 Dave Bowman London 112.21 149,576
4 Jerome Newton London 76.08 101,415
5 Bunny Lebowski Los Angeles 68.65 91,510
6 Eleanor Zissou Ambes 67.50 89,978
7 Hiro Protagonist Tokyo 65.78 150,336
8 Henry Spencer Los Angeles 30.45 40,590
9 Roy Batty Los Angeles 5.45 7,265
10 Player One Toronto 3.00 3,999

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