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A flexible, affordable program that promotes physical, social and mental well-being.

Remote Work is Here to Stay

More people are working remotely than ever before, even as some are starting to return to the office.

Even without remote work, your team could still be in multiple locations nationally or globally.

But Team-building is Still Important

So how do you bring people together when they are in different cities, countries or time zones?

WAVEiii has the answer

A 30-day multi-activity challenge with no limits on location, time zone or types of activities.

No app or devices required.

All fitness levels welcome.

What's in a WAVEiii event?


Not just sports.

Not everyone is an athlete, but good health can be for everyone.

Learn more about activities


30 days to success.

Why having an end date helps players focus on results.

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Engineered for you.

You're busy. We get that. Set up and manage your WAVEiii event easily.

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For active employees and those who want to be more active.

80+ Activities

Multiple ways to play:

  • Distance-based activities
  • Time-based activities
  • Physical, social, and mental health -related activities are included

Add new activities tailored to your workforce, or exclude those that aren't a good fit. You have complete control.

Restrict to COVID-safe activities as appropriate.

Athletes vs non-athletes

Non-athletes can compete directly against athletes, a unique WAVEiii feature.

Physical, social, and mental health -related activities are all weighted for fairness so everyone can compete.

Time-based activities are converted to distances.

Easy-to-manage integration with Fitbit and Strava.

Measure up!

WAVEiii events are international. Players can record distances in

  • Kilometers
  • Miles
  • Meters
  • Yards
  • Steps

Whatever is appropriate for the activity.


WAVEiii events have a beginning and an end.

Events last 30 days.

Why just 30 days?

  • Players stay focused
  • Limited time commitment for your HR/wellness personnel
  • Can become an annual event
  • Proven optimal time span for "challenge" type events

See a typical WAVEiii event timeline

Teams work

WAVEiii players create and name their own teams, inviting anyone from any location in the organization.

  • no geographic limitations
  • players get creative!
  • options for offline players

Players are also grouped by:

  • country
  • city
  • division*
  • branch*

*Optional. These can also be customized to your organization.


WAVEiii players manage their own accounts via online dashboard.

  • Low tech: no devices required
  • Honour system (if not using Fitbit or Strava)
  • Works on all devices - desktop, tablet, mobile

The simple act of entering daily statistics results in greater engagement. Players own their results.

Players recording high distances are often more serious athletes and are more likely to own a personal tracking device (phone, GPS watch). Most high distance entries are verifiable on request.


WAVEiii is designed for organizations of any size.

Let us do the work.

Self-supported WAVEiii events require minimal oversight from your organization.

  • Easy online setup
  • Player-managed dashboard
  • No stress on company IT systems
  • Lots of live reports
  • Helpful help pages.

Choose your own path.

Custom-branded vs "turn-key", it's up to you.

  • Custom domains
  • Use your own branding
  • Fully supported


  • Plug & play
  • WAVEiii branded
  • Self-supported

Whatever you choose, the core WAVEiii experience is consistent.

Restrict your event to players from your own organization or open it up to others at your discretion.

Stay focused.

With a 30 day limit on events, we can provide all the tech support and customer service you need to make your event a success.

  • Fast response times
  • One-on-one support for Event Coordinators
  • Help pages that actually help

Ease of use + our support = minimal stress on your staff.

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