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1 module FREE $99.00 $199.00 $499.00 $749.00 $2499.00
2 modules FREE $124.00 $249.00 $624.00 $899.00 $2874.00
3 modules FREE $149.00 $299.00 $749.00 $1049.00 $3249.00

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The basic package

  • Uses WAVEiii domain
  • WAVEiii branded
  • Full-featured event - nothing is left out
  • 90 day online run time (30 day lead-up + 30 day event + 30 day review period)
  • Self-supported means WAVEiii will provide only major technical support in the event of a platform-related issue.

Prices for self-supported events are listed above.

Enterprise Standard

Next level up.

  • Uses WAVEiii domain
  • Custom branded with your company logo and colours
  • Direct technical support for your Event Coordinator

Contact us for prices.

Enterprise Premium

Branded + fully supported

  • A unique domain selected by you (example:
  • Custom branded with your company logo and colours
  • Site layout to match your corporate website
  • Tech support for your HR staff
  • Support for your Event Coordinator
  • Direct support for players

Contact us for prices.

A working example of a typical self-supported event.

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Woman runner: Elaine Casap
Mountain climbers:Vincent Burkhead
Water & sky: Susanne Feldt
Runner silhouette: Pablo Garcia