the modules

What are these modules, anyway?

A closer look at the DNA of a WAVEiii event.

Sports & Activities

Get your people moving.

In the Sports & Activities module, players choose from more than 40 activities to accumulate distance towards their own personal results and towards the results of their team.

Activities can be either distance-based or time-based. Time-based activities are converted to distance using an internal weighting system. WAVEiii events include both physical and mental health activities.

Everyone is responsible for entering their own results into the WAVEiii event website, using an easy and friendly interface. Results are calculated instantly and are always up to date.

No special devices or apps are required, just a connection to the internet. The WAVEiii event website works across all platforms: desktop - tablet - mobile.

Standings are shown based on total distance, unless the Weight Loss Module is activated. In that case standings are shown in both kilometres (between distance-based teams) and points (for distance-based VS weight loss teams).

Offline employees?

No problem.

For locations where not every employee has a company email address or even access to the internet, there is a special type of team - a team captain (with internet access) enters results for everyone and the team competes in the team standings only.

Weight loss

Equal opportunity competition.

Being an athlete is not a requirement in a WAVEiii event. For employees who would rather put their efforts into losing a few pounds than swimming, biking, running or walking, the weight loss module is perfect.

Players enter their starting weight and then track their progress each day during the competition. Points are awarded for every pound lost, allowing weight loss players to compete directly against distance players.

Privacy is respected.

Weight loss players can take part anonymously.

Actual body weights are never publicly displayed. Only the total current weight lost is shown to other players.

Smoking cessation

It's time to quit.

The smoking cessation module is similar to the weight loss module - points are awarded for reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day, based on an initial baseline number provided by the participant.

Only the amount reduced is displayed publically, but detailed data is available privately to the participant.

This module is designed not to be the sole solution for someone who wants to quit, but an easy and motivational way to start the process.

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